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EQM-200 8" Electric Quesadilla Maker

Nostalgia Electrics EQM-200 8-Inch Electric Quesadilla Maker

  • EQM-200 8' Electric Quesadilla Maker
  • Non stick griddle coating
  • Pockets create sectional pieces with its unique design
  • Thicker quesadillas provided by the locking lid with 2 positions
  • On/off power light and ready light
  • For storage it stands on edge
  • Measures 11' x 10" x 5"
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    EQM-995 Electric Quesadilla Maker

    Nostalgia EQM-995 Electric Quesadilla Maker

  • Nostalgia Electrics EQM-995 Electric Quesadilla Maker
  • Color: Red
  • Housing is made of durable red plastic
  • In just 4 to 5 minutes will warm tortillas and cook quesadillas and fajitas
  • Sectional pieces seal in the flavorful ingredients
  • Design makes it easy to clean
  • Indicator lights for "on" and "ready"
  • Handle is stay cool design
  • 90 day limited warranty
  • Measures 15' x 6" x 25.5"
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