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Top 10 Rotisseries & Roasters
1. Nesco 6-Quart 4816-14-30 Roaster with Nonstick Cookwell
2. Ronco ST4000WHGEN Showtime Standard Rotisserie & Barbeque Oven
3. Nesco 4842-25-30PR American Harvest Non-Stick 12-Quart Convection Roaster Oven
4. Nesco 18-Quart 4808-25PR Roaster
5. Ronco™ ST3001WHGEN Compact Showtime™ Rotisserie and BBQ
6. Black & Decker CTO7100B Toast-R-Oven Digital Rotisserie Convection Oven
7. Cuisinart CVR-1000 Vertical Countertop Model with Touchpad Controls
8. Black & Decker FC350 InfraWave Speed-Cooking Countertop Oven with Rotisserie
9. Hamilton Beach 18-Quart Oven 32184 18 with Buffet Pans
10. Waring RO18B Pro Professional Stainless-Steel Portable Oven.

Emeril Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Vertical Poultry Roaster, and Emeril Hard Anodized Nonstick Roaster with Nonstick Roasting Rack.

Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 32184 18-Quart Roaster with Serving Lid and Buffet Pans, Hamilton Beach 32229 22-Quart Roaster, Hamilton Beach 32190 18-Quart Roaster, Hamilton Beach 32182 18-Quart Roaster with Buffet Pans, Hamilton Beach 32507 Roaster Serving Pans, and Hamilton Beach 18 Quart Roaster September.

Lodge Color Enamel 4-1/4-Quart Roaster, and Lodge Logic Pizza/Roasting Pan.

Nesco 4818 Classic Roaster 18-Quart Porcelain Cookwell, Nesco 4816 Professional 6-Quart Stainless Steel Roaster with Glass Cover & Non-Stick Cookwell, Nesco 4808 Classic Roaster 18-Quart Non-stick Cookwell, Nesco 4805 5-Quart Electric Roaster with Nonstick Cookwell, Nesco American Harvest 4842 Non-Stick 12-Quart Convection Roaster.

Norpro Stainless Steel Vertical Roaster With Infuser, Norpro 266 Stainless Steel Vertical Poultry Roaster, Norpro 269 Nonstick Vertical Poultry Roaster, Norpro Nonstick Adjustable Roast Rack, Norpro KRONA Stainless Steel 12 Quart Multi Roaster, Norpro KRONA Stainless Steel 8 Quart Multi Roaster, Norpro KRONA Stainless Steel 16.25 x 12.5 Roaster with Rack, Norpro 12 x 9 Nonstick Broil and Roast Set, Nopro 12 x 9 Stainless Steel Roasting and Broiler Pan, Norpro 6 Quart Nonstick Roaster with Glass Serving Lid, Norpro Stainless Steel 16.5 Inch Roast Lasagna Pan, Norpro 16.5 x 12 Nonstick Broil and Roast Set, Norpro 17x12 Stainless Steel Broil and Roast Set, Nopro 12 x 16 Inch Nonstick Roast Lasagna Pan, Norpro Turkey and Poultry Lifters, Norpro 16x12 Ultimate Lasagna Roast Pan, Norpro Roasting Set, Norpro Large Garlic Baker, and Norpro Terra Cotta Garlic Baker/Tortilla Warmer.

Oster CKSTRS23 22-Quart Roaster, Oster CKSTRS71 18-Quart Roaster with Buffet Server, and Oster CKSTRS18 18-Quart Roaster.

Proctor Silex
Proctor Silex 32700 6.5-Quart Portable Roaster, Proctor Silex 32190 18 Qt Roaster, Proctor Silex 32197 18-Quart Roaster, and Proctor Silex 32508 Serving Pans for 18-Quart Roaster Ovens.

Rival RO180 18-Quart Roaster, Rival RO230-B 22-Quart Roaster, and Rival R300 Roaster.

Sanyo HR-T3 Electric Indoor Roaster.

Sunpentown SO-2008 Electric Roaster which takes up very little counter space while providing a healthy method of cooking.

Review of the Waring Pro RO18B Professional Stainless-Steel Portable Roaster Oven.

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