West Bend Wok Review


79586 6-Quart Capacity Electric West Bend Wok

  • West Bend 79586 6-Quart Capacity Electric Wok
  • West Bend Wok Model Number 79586
  • 1500 watts of heating power
  • Handles and the base are both heat resistant
  • Adjustable temperature settings will give you precise control
  • Features a support ledge that can be used during stir frying
  • Uses less oil so it is healthier because of the non-stick interior
  • Once you remove the temperature control the unit is fully immersible and is dishwasher safe
  • The adjustable temperature control has easy to read markings
  • Unit weighs 6 pounds
  • Unit measures 18.6" x 18.3" x 6.4"
  • Customer Reviews

    This unit heats quickly and evenly just like you want when cooking with a wok. Once it heats up it will maintain the temperature you set it at throughout your whole cooking cycle. It also cools down quickly and has a large cooking surface. Makes cooking easy enough for a novice to cook like an expert. Very easy to pick up this type of cooking, and an electric model is even easier to work with. The large cooking surface keeps you from leaving rice and veggies all over the kitchen counter while cooking like you might do with a smaller unit. Metal lid is light enough to lift one handed while cooking. One negative is the temperature gauge is in a bad location, it is located under the handle on the left side and is hard to see. For the size and quality this unit is very reasonably priced.

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