Aroma Food Dehydrator Review

5-Tier Rotating Aroma Food Dehydrator AFD-615

Aroma AFD-615 5-Tier Rotating Food Dehydrator

  • Aroma 5-Tier Rotating AFD-615 Food Dehydrator
  • Fast and even drying with the Automatic and reversible revolving trays
  • New & Used models available
  • Moisture control provided by a vented lid
  • Protected against dripping
  • Make nutritious snacks by drying various fruits and vegetables that will keep for a long time
  • Can make potpourri, herbs, spices, and your favorite types of beef jerky
  • Unit measures 13.4" by 9" by 13.6"
  • Ideal for anyone that likes to hike or is health conscious
  • Designed to give you even drying with great efficiency
  • Can dry a wide variety of fruit slices and anything in between that and beef jerky
  • Trays can be adjusted to 5 different heights to give you a lot of maneuverability
  • Automatically rotates and spins the trays in both directions
  • Features an electric fan
  • No loss of valuable nutrients as it is designed to prevent overheating
  • Control the moisture content with the vented lid which is clear to provide you a way to monitor while it is operating
  • Includes a drying screen, 5 stack-able trays, an instruction booklet, and also a fruit leather sheet
  • Customer Reviews

      Works with a wide variety of different fruits and vegetables. Also good for making beef jerky and drying meats such as pepperoni. If you have had a more expensive model you might consider this unit slow. But that shouldn't be a problem unless you are the type of person who wants the job done quicker. In that case you would be better off with a more expensive model. Two great features of the Aroma Food Dehydrator AFD-615 is that the unit runs quietly and also the rotating tray feature.

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