Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vac
Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide

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Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Model number: 4870MZ
  • This is an upright vacuum cleaner with a powerful 12 amp motor used for cleaning carpets and hard floors
  • Features an adjustable 7 height brushroll and a motorized brush
  • Also features a sealed HEPA filtration system which is designed to remove almost 100% of bacteria, allergens, pollen, and dust from your carpets making your room safe for those of you with allergies.
  • Cleans faster with the wide 15 inch cleaning path provided with this vacuum cleaner
  • To clean the vertical portion of your stairs this vac features a Power Paw Turbo that paws at all that stubborn pet hair making cleaning this part of your stairway easy
  • You have the option of having all of the suction power directed to the 15 inch wide floor brush to pick up dirt and more from deep within the carpet or directing it to the hose for those hard to reach surfaces and for cleaning above the floor such as the walls, ceiling, chairs, couches, etc. with the Air Selector Switch.
  • Other onboard tools include a stretch hose that can stretch to up to 5 times its unstretched length, an extra long 30 foot long electrical cord so you don't have to keep switching to different outlets.
  • Vac measures 15 inches x 11 inches x 45 inches and comes complete with a one year limited warranty


  • Removes deeply embedded dirt and pet hair much better than most vacs
  • Works at about the level of a Dyson but at 1/5 the cost
  • Very easy to assemble when you get it home
  • 7 height adjustments which will give you perfect suction when adjusted to the correct height for your carpet
  • Suction is so great that you have to be careful not to get too close to drapes or anything you don't want sucked up, Not Kidding!
  • Very reasonably priced unit


  • Vac is rather heavy to carry
  • Rather noisy, but that is what you give up for all that great suction you get for cleaning
  • Some parts are made of plastic
  • Rather difficult to use foot pedal to release the vac from the upright position
  • The lever for switching from carpet to bare floors has to be pushed very hard to engage
  • Doesn't work as well on bare floors, but excellent on carpets
  • Hose could be a little longer, but this is a rather minor issue

    Summary for Eureka 4870MZ:

    This is an excellent vacuum, very reasonably priced, great for getting your carpet and furniture to looking like new. Fantastic at removing pet hair, doesn't clog up while vacuuming. Unit is a bit heavy, for that reason I wouldn't recommend for someone who cannot lift heavy items. Is noisy, but not a big issue. Performs about as well as a Dyson at a fraction of the cost. Some minor issues, but nothing too major.

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