Shopping For Food Processors

Food Processors

This is a kitchen appliance that most homes simply cannot do without. It is used in various steps of meal preparation – from grating cheeses and chopping herbs to slicing vegetables and making bread dough. It comes with various attachments such as sharp metal blades, metal slicing disks, shedding disk and plastic dough blades.

Purchasing a Food Processor

When shopping for this appliance, there are several things that you need to consider, and the most important is your particular use for the appliance. You want to think of the types of food preparations that you will need a processor for. For instance, if you’re one to knead dough or crush ice more frequently than usual, you want to get a model that comes with a heavy-duty motor.


A lot of processors come with only one motor speed and many also have small tube openings that allow you to add ingredients easily. You want to go for a machine that also has a pulse button so you can give small bursts of power for rough chopping and for dough kneading. You might also want a model that has a smooth touch pad controls for easier clean up (compared to raised buttons). It’s also important to have a processor with dishwasher safe parts particularly if you’re not too keen on hand washing.


When shopping for a processor, you also need to consider the capacity. Processors come in different sizes – from the three-cup choppers to the 20-cup versions that are usually found in restaurant kitchens. Your choice of size should depend on how many people you tend to cook for and the types of recipes you normally prepare using the appliance. If you are cooking for your family of four, for instance, you want an 11-cup processor. For small quantities of sauces or for chopping small amounts of nuts and herbs, go for a model that comes with a small blade and work bowl.


As earlier mentioned, food processors come with a variety of attachments designed to maximize their utility. However, before you even think of purchasing a processor that comes with practically ever attachment you can think of – from blades and disks to kneaders and juicers – you want to assess whether or not you really use these things in the first place. If not, opt for a processor with just the basics. You’ll be surprised at how many things you can already do with just the fundamental attachments.

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