Basics of Kitchen Blenders

What to Look for When Buying Kitchen Blenders

A blender is a must-have in every kitchen. Unless you have to do some serious blending, however, you don’t have to set your sights on heavy-duty kitchen blenders. Having one on hand would be great particularly for whipping up a healthy breakfast shake or for enjoying cocktails every once in a while.

A blender is used to puree soup, make smoothies and all sorts of blended drinks. This is one of those appliances that you need in the kitchen but don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just opt for the first model you stumble into. You may want to look for certain things when choosing kitchen blenders.

Power and speed

As a general rule, the higher the blender’s wattage, the more powerful it is. You want to get a blender that it at least 350 watts so you can get things done faster. And while on the subject of speeds, here’s a tip: You don’t really need a model with 15 speeds or more just for blending, so just settle for the ones that come with the basic ‘fast,’ ‘medium,’ and ‘slow’ speeds. That is more than enough for most recipes.


Expect to pay more if you’re going for a sleeker design. Aesthetic quality should be a consideration if you’re going to leave your blender on the kitchen counter the whole time. On the other hand, if it’s going to spend more time inside a cabinet, go for blenders that may not look beautiful but do a good job for a lower price. You just want a blender that is easier to clean, has a wide motor base for more stability, and features an opening where you can just add ingredients or let the steam out when you’re blending a hot soup. Another important factor in design is a tight fitting lid. You want your soup in a bowl, not all over your kitchen counter.


Another thing that you should take note of when buying a blender is the material used. The best choices would have to be glass and stainless steel. The good thing about glass blenders is that they let you see what you’re working with. You can keep an eye on the progress of your smoothie. On the other hand, stainless steel is a good choice because it is more durable. Some people opt for plastic blenders which can be cheaper, but then again, they get scratched easily and they are not as durable.

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