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16310 Stainless-Steel 1500-Watt Tabletop Single Deni Burner

  • Deni 16310 Stainless-Steel 1500-Watt Tabletop Single Burner
  • Deni Burner Model 16310
  • Table Top Single Cooktop
  • 1500 watts of heating power in a single seven inch wide cast iron range
  • Features adjustable temperature control from low to high heat and has an on/off control knob
  • Metal, Glass, and ceramic flat-bottom cookware are usable on this portable cooktop
  • Housing is durable stainless steel with an easy to clean design and an "on" indicator light
  • Comes with a one year limited warranty
  • Unit measures 11 3/5" by 8 8/9" by 3.5"
  • Customer Reviews from Amazon

    Great for your office, home, temporary use for whatever reason, RV's, small apartments without a stove, and cabin use.

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      Deni 16320 Stainless-Steel 1800-Watt Tabletop Double Burner

    • Deni 16320 Stainless-Steel 1800-Watt Tabletop Double Burner
    • Deni burner model number 16320
    • 2 burners, one 7" and one 6" cast iron burner
    • 1800 watts of power
    • For tabletop use
    • On/off control knob
    • Temperature control knobs, one for each burner
    • Housing constructed of stainless steel
    • Use with any flat bottom cookware made of metal, glass, or ceramic
    • Indicator light for when unit is "on"
    • Designed to be easy to clean
    • One year limited warranty
    • Weighs 8.8 pounds
    • Unit measures 21.1" x 8.9" x 3.5"
    • Customer Reviews from Amazon

      Double burner portable cooktop heats up fast and cools down fast. Great for when you need an extra burner or two. Or for your office, RV, dorm room, or whatever. I noticed in the reviews that quite a few people wrote about the cheapness of the unit. Sorry, but you really do get what you pay for. All of these Deni units are relatively inexpensive units, but even so, they do the job they are built for. Providing heat for cooking.

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        Deni 16300 Table Top 1800 Watt Triple Burners

      • Deni 16300 Stainless-Steel 1800-Watt Tabletop Triple Range
      • Deni Burner Model Number 16300
      • Housing constructed of Stainless Steel
      • Tabletop Triple Cooktop
      • 3 heavy duty cast iron cooktops with this 1800 watt stainless steel appliance
      • One 6" wide range with a 300 watt range located on the middle of the unit
      • Two 7" 750 watt wide hot plates
      • Adjust the heat from low to high with three separate power/temperature control dials
      • Indicator lights, easy to clean design, and can be used with any type of flat bottomed cookware
      • Comes with a one year limited warranty
      • Unit measures 27 3/5" by 10 4/5" by 3.5"
      • Customer Reviews from Amazon

        Triple burner portable counter-top unit for adding to existing burners in your kitchen or for providing cooking capabilities for your office, dorm room, RV, while remodeling, or other space where you want to do some cooking. Designed for easy clean-up, and the burners heat up quickly and once turned off cool off quickly.

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