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Portable Induction Magneflux Cooktop Burner

Magneflux Model 03003 Portable Induction Cooktop Burner 1800 Watt

  • Model 03003
  • Portable Induction Cooktop
  • 1800 Watts of cooking power
  • Transfers heat to the exact size of the pot or pan using the Magneflux feature which detects the presence of magnetic cookware
  • Water will boil within 90 seconds
  • Induction cooktops uses less energy and shorter cook times than other methods of cooking such as gas or electricity
  • Produces even heat without an exposed heating element
  • Very easy to clean boiler plate
  • No hot spots or rings to cause overheating

    This induction cooktop works much faster and safer than open flame gas or electric cooktops. The boiler plate doesn't get hot, but rather using magnetic energy to transfer the heat directly to the pot or pan. The only negative is that you MUST use magnetic pots or pans with this unit.

    #3960 Portable Induction Cooktop Includes non-stick finish pan(ENERGY EFFICIENT)

    Magneflux #3960 Portable Induction Cooktop

  • GO Green Instant, even heating that works even faster than gas
  • No flame or exposed heating element provides safe cooking
  • Efficient 84% transfer of energy to the pan
  • Easy wipe clean, with no need for grates or grease catches
  • Smarter Boiler Plate automatically adjusts to any pan size
  • Uniform heating of your cookware means no hot spots or ring
  • Easily increase or decrease temperate on selected preset heat settings
  • 9 Preset heat settings: 3 separate settings at low, medium and high
  • Lock Button: allows you to lock your temperature setting
  • LED display window

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