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SB30 1300-Watt Portable Single Waring Burner

  • Waring Pro Model SB30 Countertop Cooktop
  • 1300 watts of heating power
  • Single heating element
  • Gives you an additional cooktop for your kitchen, or office, dorm, or cabin
  • Quickly heats the cast iron plate while having stable heat retention
  • Thermostat is adjustable
  • Indicator lights for "on" and "ready"
  • Housing is constructed of brushed stainless steel
  • Remains in one spot using the non-slip rubber feet provided
  • Designed to have a low silhouette
  • Unit measures 10.75" by 11.5" by 4"
  • Limited warranty for one year
  • Customer Reviews from Amazon

    Takes up very little counter space, and heats up quickly to exactly the temperature you set it to. Distributes heat evenly to the bottom of the skillet or pan being used. Unit is somewhat slow at cooling off.

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      Waring Pro DB60 Portable Double Cooktop

    • Waring Pro DB60 Portable Double Cooktop
    • Features Two cooking plates
    • Waring Burner Model DB60
    • The small plate is 500 watts and the large plate is 1300 watts
    • Housing is constructed of brushed stainless steel
    • Cast iron plates are quick heating and provide stable heat retention
    • Thermostats are individually adjustable, one for each plate
    • Indicators lights for "on" and for "ready" functions
    • Each plate has its own indicator lights
    • Unit measures 19.5 inches by 11.5 inches by 4 inches
    • Limited warranty covers the element for one year
    • To keep from slipping around the counter unit has non-slip rubber feet
    • Designed to have a low silhouette
    • Customer Reviews from Amazon

      This Waring burner is easy to keep clean and the temperature controls work really well. Gets hot enough to boil water and also to cook pasta in a big pot with the large burner that operates with 1500 watts of power. Flat surfaces are much easier to clean. Burners stay hot for quite awhile after turning them off, so you can cook with the residual heat rather than keeping the burner turned fully on to the end of your cooking.

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        Waring Pro ICT100 Professional Induction Cooktop

      • Waring Pro ICT100 Professional Induction Cooktop
      • Waring Burner Model Number ICT100
      • Induction elements are very efficient since they heat the pot itself rather than the surface of the burner
      • Consumes much less energy than other types of elements while giving you quick heat by using electromagnetic technology
      • Absolutely no hot spots with induction cooktops
      • Need to use induction ready cookware
      • Once you remove the cookware the heat stops after a period of 45 seconds
      • Features a 99 minute timer, 7 heat settings, and on/off switch using simple touch controls
      • Top is great looking smooth glass that also cleans easily
      • The timer display LED is a pleasing blue color
      • Limited warranty for a period of 5 years
      • Cooktop measures 13.5 inches by 11 inches by 3 inches
      • Customer Reviews from Amazon

        If you cannot afford a full size range with an induction cooktop, this would be a splendid substitute. You get the magnetic induction cooking at a fraction of the cost. Induction cooking is very energy efficient as all of the heat is in the pan being used, the cooktop itself doesn't get hot. Also, once the cooking utensil is removed, cooking instantly stops. One drawback to induction cooking is that you need the proper cookware as it needs to be magnetic. Aluminum and copper will not work. Cast iron will, but would probably scratch the surface of the cooktop.

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