Frigidaire Cooktop Review


FGIC13P3KS Portable Induction Frigidaire Cooktop

  • Frigidaire FGIC13P3KS Portable Induction Burner
  • Gallery series
  • Ideal for all your parties
  • Uses electromagnetic energy that heats the pan rather than the burner
  • Safety features include a child lock and shut-off feature
  • Provides 6 different cooking options
  • LED display is in color
  • Automatic cookware detection
  • Cookware needs to be magnetic such as aluminum and stainless steel
  • Non-magnetic cookware will not work with this cooktop
  • Cast iron cookware will work, but will scratch the cooking area
  • Surface is scratch resistant
  • 8 inch induction surface
  • Includes a non-stick pan
  • Much more efficient than electric or gas countertop burners
  • Model Number FGIC13P3KS
  • Customer Reviews

    Induction cooking has much more responsive burners than electric cooktops and hot plates. The flat glass top cooking area makes for very easy cleaning. The Frigidaire cooktop has 6 heat settings which is OK, but it would be even better with 8 to 10 heat settings. The fan happens to be a bit noisy, but nothing to get upset about. Great for a 5th cooktop in your kitchen, or for your office, your kid's dorm room, at your cabin, or in your RV unit. Cooktop is scratch resistant keeping the unit looking good for a long time to come. Has child resistant features for those of you will children such as a child lock and the shut-off function.

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